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A rottweiler is a stonr dog.  Rottweilers are fun dogs to play outside.  They also like to play tug of war. They are also healthy dogs and very pretty. This information came from

The Two Little longNecks and the big bad Rapters

Once pon a time there were two little longnecks walking down the street the young one sawed a stegasaurus carring leaves and the longneck said. : Mister can I borrow some ” why
yeas and biuld a house two rapters camed up and said we will and will stoup and will cot your house down thay did,!but the longneak it skaped just in time then the secined one sald a dropysoruse selling . Rouks and mode and baboone so he biuld a house one day he salled his berather ranning and behind him was the big bad rapters so they… Ran in side and loocked the door and then the two rapters camed one said I’m going to scratch it down the other one said what look it’s to hard. let’s go around the backdoor they heard it so when they open the door that box is going to trap them.That’s what happened, so the two little longnecks went to the river and potit in the river and the two little longnecks never sald the two bad rapters again.